Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract - 6 Month

Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract - 6 Month

Brand: Complete Nutra
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Weight loss capsules made in the USA!

You've heard about it on the radio, on TV, and all over the internet - Green Coffee Bean Extract revolutionized the weight-loss game. You  spend hours at the gym, count every calorie you consume, but your body just refuses to cooperate the way you want it to. What else is there? Green Coffee Bean Extract. At 800mg per serving, with 50% chlorogenic acid (boosts metabolism, helps with anti-aging, blocks cellulite buildup) and 200mg of Svetol® our Green Coffee Beans are some of the most effective around.

Green Coffee Bean Extract increases weight loss and energy with absolutely zero side effects. The natural antioxidants inside the green coffee bean also fight aging by righting free radicals.

Other possible benefits expected are:

- Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

- Improved moods and energy levels

- Decreased appetite